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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maintain and clean my brushes?

A boar bristle brush has natural bristles that keep your hair beautiful and shiny. Since the bristles are packed tightly, with frequent use, you will get some accumulation of hair and dirt. So, clean your brush once every couple of weeks.

  1. Remove the hair from your brush using your fingers or the pointed end of a comb.
  2. Fill a bowl or sink with warm water and a few drops of baby shampoo.
  3. Hold the handle of the brush and swirl it around. Do NOT sock your brush in water. Remove any hair left in the brush.
  4. Rinse with clean water to remove all the soap. Shake out excess water.
  5. Place on a clean towel and let it dry naturally.


How often should I use my face brush?

For normal skin, we recommend once or twice a week for beginners, and if your skin responds well to it, we recommend every couple of days. If you have sensitive skin, then you should use you face brush once or twice a week to prevent stripping or irritation. At SHASH, we offer three types of brushes. For sensitive skin, we recommend using SHASH Soft Scrub Brush. Using high quality moisturizers and serums after facial brushing will deliver stunning results.