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Since 1869 Hand Made In Germany Boar Bristle Round Brush | Volumize and Revitalize Your Hair with Softer, Smoother Results - Scalp Exfoliation and Stimulation - Eco-Sourced Olive Wood Handle


NATURALLY CONDITION HAIR: Fighting fri... Read more


  • NATURALLY CONDITION HAIR: Fighting frizz? Our boar brush smooths and hydrates hair by carrying sebum from root to tip! Not only will this keep it super-soft with a subtle shine, it also improves overall texture, making your hair easier to style.
  • ADDS INSTANT VOLUME AND SHINE: With a curved barrel design, our boar hair brush delivers a beautiful bounce and body. Complete with a sleek metal core to help evenly distribute heat from your blow-dryer, this detangler brush will help you effortlessly achieve both straight and curly styles.
  • HELPS REDUCE FRIZZ: Thanks to stiff boar bristles, our round hair brush gently grips and detangles curly locks. Working from root to tip, it evenly distributes the scalp’s natural sebum, leaving you with hair that’s smooth, shiny, and easy to manage.
  • SALON STYLE BLOWOUT AT HOME: Specially designed for everyday use, our natural boar bristle brush features a super-grip zone on the handle. Laser-crafted to ensure longevity, it gives you a superior hold on the boar bristle hair brush as you twist for quick, comfortable styling.
  • MADE IN GERMANY: Made in Germany with pure wild boar hair, our natural bristle brush reflects our commitment to superior quality. Part of our Professional Series, this curling brush features eco-sourced beech wood in a brown varnish for both beauty and durability.

Length: 21.5 cm
Weight: 1.7 oz
Made In Germany